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Livy M. Coe
Classmate:  Livy M. Coe
Location:   Folsom, California

Information last updated:

I still work for the USDA Conservation Service in El Dorado County on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This is an historic timber and mining area that includes Sutter's Mill where the California Gold Rush began. It is lovely country that extends to the beautiful Lake Tahoe area and many other high mountain lakes and rivers.
My work involves forest health and fuel load reduction that is needed because of our severe droughts and bark beetle devastation. I used to see Steve McKelvey before he moved to Arizona at field days and work shops since he is an expert in forest entomology. We also do reforestation work on wildfire areas, a problem of increasing frequency and extent.
I regret I cannot join you at the reunion. I know you'll have fun sharing stories and dancing to music with a slow, slow beat; no accidents needed on the dance floor, lol. I would love to see a compilation of the most creative tattoos, including risqué with PII deleted. I think the more recent classes will easily surpass our repertoire.
Many thanks to the organizers for their generosity of time and talent. I'll be thinking of you. I send you my regards and prayers with Orphan pride and spirit, Livy.

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