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Martha Dillon
Classmate:  Martha Dillon
Now:  Marty Lindsay
Spouse:  Dwight
Location:   Jeffersonville, In

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Since the last reunion, Dwight and I have moved into a rock quarry that has a lake- so we are enjoying lakefront living. We have 5 grandchildren and they are 5 years older than the last reunion. They range in age from 21-10. We still like to travel and our favorite state to travel to is Florida.

Most importantly, I , like everyone else, cannot believe how quickly the past 50 years have gone. It seems like it was just yesterday that it was May of 1968 and commencement for the class of 1968 was happening. Life has strange twists and turns. Little did I know, as I sat there and listened to Don Woodard speak- that one day he would be my step father. WOW! There were many surprises along the way for all of us, I do imagine. Some wonderful, and some not so wonderful.

What i really do remember was that I was sad that high school was ending. My family moved to Centralia in the summer of 1964, so I started high school as "the new girl". CHS , with its many buildings, looked huge to me. i have no sense of direction and was lost a lot. But how quickly you all took me in an made me feel welcome. I think that is one reason I felt so sad in the summer is 1968. I had finally found a home and a sense of belonging, after a childhood of moving around, and I didn't want to leave it and my classmates all behind.

But, we had to graduate and move on. Some of us have stayed in touch and Facebook has been wonderful for keeping us connected and for reconnecting.I think that just the fact that we were all graduated together gives us a special bond. I feel blessed to still be alive and able to attend the reunion, as so many are not and cannot be with us. When I think back on life and 1968, I think of Jimmny Buffett singing." Some of it's magic, and some of it's tragic, but I've had a good life all the way". Looking forward to more memories with you all.

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