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Alice Gowler
Classmate:  Alice Gowler
Now:  Alice Hulse
Spouse:  James Hulse
Location:   Scappoose, Oregon

Information last updated:

I and my husband Jim are both retired and are enjoying the good life. We are looking forward to our trip to Israel later this year. My husband now has a 52 foot antenna, up and working. I on the other hand have a 52 foot sculpture. Other XYL’s will understand the tongue in cheek.
He is looking forward to being able to speak with the International Space Station when they are flying over our location. He is thinking of adding a new antenna which will allow him to Earth Moon Earth EME transmission. He very much enjoys talking and listening to other ham operators in the US and throughout the world. While I have my tech license I have found other interests to enjoy since my retirement the end of 2016. I have been able to relax traveling, gardening and quilting for the first time in a while. Our family has grown since last posting with one new granddaughter, new great grandson and another new grandson due in July. Wishing the best to all and may God bless.

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