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Stephen Marcum
Classmate:  Stephen Marcum
Now:  Dr. Stephen B Marcum
Spouse:  Marcela Hernandez
Location:   Lake Forrest, California

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Steve reports that he is the CEO of two corporations. He lists three daughters, Amy (38), Krissy (34) and Sabrina (26). He has two grandchildren, Haven Lee (12) and Erica (11). His spouse, Marcela Hernandez, is a medical care giver.
After my mother, Dorothy Jean Coleman Marcum, died 04-20-2012, I fell to my knees, lonely, depressed and prayed for someone to love me. That next day I was struck on the head by a parking lot boom and argued with God about going to the V. A. and a voice, three times, told me to get treated. While I obeyed, I questioned and hid the fact that I was hearing voices, but couldn't understand the radio voices in English. While waiting in the E.R., I fell in love with a warm spirit that I felt enter the room.
Then I heard an angels voice asking, "Sweetie, how can I make you feel more comfortable?" I was relieved to discover that it was a real voce speaking to what I thought was her husband. I asked God to send me someone like that! Upon first sight, I fell in love, especially since I found out that she was single and lonely too! She secretly thought that she wanted someone just like me when I offered her supposed husband some of my snack (Grapes and Bananas). She made a prayer to God then and later we exchanged phone numbers.
Later she, Marcela Hernandez, invites me to a ceremony where another marine (USMC) was being honored by the Governor and to meet her Mexican parents, her sister and son. I freaked out thinking that Mexicans and whites didn't get along and might stab their husbands when they got mad, but was pleasingly surprised to find out that Marcela was so sweet, attentive, respectful and a good Christian girl.
I later memorized her license plate so we could locate it after a movie, and when I told her, she thought I was now a stalker. Sheee! She had to move with her son to phoenix and didn't tell me where and later changed her phone number. Although it was a cute meet, I thought it was over. Now more depressed since I listened to God and reluctantly gave her my favorite vase and lighted glass flowers.
After a few weeks, Marcela finally took a chance on me and called. Four months later, she invited me to fly over to see her, and later refused to stay at the Embassy Suites overnight and quoted Ephesians. I was in love and wanted romance and again questioned God for sending me too good of a Girl! I stupidly got lost in the desert looking to surprise Marcy with a balloon ride, but after 20 minutes of her silent treatment I turned to God to fix this disaster. He did! The balloon people found us and when local TV people interviewed me, I told them about our balloon ride and the unbelievable fact that the people who were giving the balloon rides were from Centralia, Illinois and knew my entire Marcum family. The interviewer put it on the local ads and it drew a lot of laughs when I told them how Marcy was mad at me and I made a joke (one mile up in the balloon) about her maybe throwing me off the balloon and she replied, "No, I'm Mexican. We stab you first."
Four wonderful days of strange, but miraculous events unfolded when people out of no where came up to us and told us that we belonged together, but it was impossible since I found out that her son was almost a Christian elder of a Romanian gypsy tribe, the good kind, but forbid women to even date ouside of the tribe. It would dishonor her and her son to do so. This explained why Marcy had required that I text her and she'd call back after leaving the house and going for coffee.
Long story longer, Marcy finally told her son who had gotten into a similar situation and got caught and fined when he was talking from his car to his future wife, Brittany, who was on a balcony of her father's house, so he understood and actually was the one who married us on February 1, 2013. God had busted a water pipe in Marcy's phoenix home making it uninhabitable and gave her dream job in California, of all places. So... our fairy tale life has begun. We couldn't be happier and all are invited to visit us anytime in California at a resort in Lake Forest. Our home is a Hawaiian atmosphere home, called "The Tiki Hut'. To be continued.... God Bless you all and Semper FI.

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