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Janice Marth
Classmate:  Janice Marth
Now:  Janice Zelasko
Spouse:  Gary Zelasko
Location:   Columbia, MO

Information last updated:

It was finally time to retire. I am enjoying being retired and have found things to do to stay involved with the world. We moved to Columbia, Missouri to be near our grandson, Henry. Being near him has made the hassle of moving well worth it. He's in Kindergarten, and it is fun to watch him grow and learn. Right now he has lost one front tooth. I love that smile.
One day a week, I also am leading Ageless Grace exercises classes at my mom's assisted living facility. (By the way, if we think a 50 year reunion is something, my mom and her classmates are working on a 72 year reunion.) Although I spent my career working with kids, I find I have a soft spot for geriatrics as well. I am afraid if you saw me in action, you'd think I never outgrew the cheerleader/Rah Rah stage. On another day, Gary and I both volunteer to tutor Kindergarteners in our neighbor's class. The kids there have stolen our hearts, too.
The best part of being retired from being an itinerant PT is that I NEVER have to eat lunch in my car!!!!

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