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Ted Meisenheimer
Classmate:  Ted Meisenheimer
Spouse:  Terri Porter ( deceased)
Location:   Cumming, GA

Information last updated:

After a two year project in Winter Park, Colorado; Terri and I are back in Atlanta. Colorado was wonderful, but Atlanta is home. I have been here since '68 and Terri, although born in Kansas, has lived here since she was 6. We will be celebrating our 33rd. year of marriage in July. Terri is semi-retired but I am still a general contractor with 1 year of experience 35 times. I guess I am lucky to still be doing it given the current state of the building industry. Our son Jason got married two years ago(finally). They don't plan on having any children so I guess we dodged that whole grand parent thing. As members of the senior citizen crowd, we enjoy getting the Sr. discount at movies and restaurants. As blue hair/no hairs; that also qualifies us to eat dinner in the middle of the afternoon. We love hearing from useguys, so yawl come see us. Ted

Update Aug 18, 2010
Terri,my wife and best friend of 33 years died peacefully in her sleep. I am devastated and miss her greatly. Always remember that the last words you say to someone may be the last words you ever get to say to them. I love you Terri.

Dec.12, 2017
I'll retire when they take the hammer from my cold dead fingers.

Polaris 800 EFI in Winter Park, CO on the Rollins Pass

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