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Rebecca Seigler
Classmate:  Rebecca Seigler
Location:   New York, New York

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"For most of the last 50 years (how can it be that long?), I have been leading a double life in NYC. After getting my Master's Degree at SIU-C, I came here to get my doctorate at Julliard (got tired of academia before finishing my degree) and to become the next great diva of the world (Renee Fleming beat me to that position!).But that didn't mean that I didn't become an opera singer I have had the privilege of singing leading soprano roles in regional theaters and with one well-known small opera company off-Broadway here in New York for nearly 40 years. I learned early on that it didn't matter if I was singing for 100 or a 1,000, what I love is the challenge of learning roles, striving to perform at the highest level, and feeling the communication with the audience - awesome! All during my singing career, I had "real" jobs, all of which were completely separate from my life in opera. First, I was in finance with Merrill Lynch, the Blackstone Group, and Blackrock, Inc., and later I was in the medical/research field at Weill Cornell Medical Center/MY Presbyterian Hospital, working as a senior administrator for one of world's preeminent genetic researchers and pulmonologists. I never remarried after the first time shortly after we graduated, although I came close a couple of times, and I decided that children were not for me. I retired from working full time in 2012. Now I work part-time for a friend who manages opera singers. I have been very fortunate in that I have been able to travel and, through singing and my numerous jobs, I have rubbed elbows with many wonderful people in the arts, business, and politics. Several of these people have become good friends, and my friends are my family. All in all, I consider myself to be a very lucky woman!"

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