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Gail Ann Straith
Classmate:  Gail Ann Straith
Now:  Gail Ann Wagner
Spouse:  Russell Wagner
Location:   Prescott, Arizona

Information last updated:

After thirty five years, Gail and Russ continue to work in their private psychology practice. It is called Wagner & Assoc. located in Prescott, Az. We also have a small retreat in Phoenix where we relax and unwind part of the winter. Our children (4) have located i9n Illinois and Texas. We go as frequently as is possible to see them and our 10 grandchildren. In the past year, we were blessed with three! Our adult children are Russ (45) who is a professor at Palo Alto College in San Antonio, Tx, and is married with three children, Joe (44) who works at ATV and more in Salem and is married to Lisa (they are the lucky parents of 4), Jon,(40) my step son, who lives in Marion and is married with one teenage son and Stephanie (34) who is an attorney in Belleville. She is married to Trenton Galletti who is also an attorney and they have two recently adopted young sons.
We are fortunate to get out to see the kids and grandkids at least twice a year and they also come to AZ. In the meantime, we work with kids daily in our practices and play a lot of tennis. We have no plans to retire at this point and enjoy our busy lifestyle. We have made great friends out west but of course, there is nothing like the people you grew up with! We live in a beautiful area so anyone who wants to visit, please come. We would love to see you in Prescott AZ (which is in the mountains of AZ and much cooler, including some winter snow). Be well and take care, Gail.

This is Jenna. She is one of my lovely grandchildren

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