At the Friday night picnic, held at a spacious country setting, classmates, spouses, and friends enjoyed great food and drink while renewing their friendships.

Below are a few pictures of the Friday night get-together. You may view a larger and more clear copy of each picture by clicking on that picture.

Tom Holloway On the left, Tom Holloway talks to Rose Mary (Austin) Perez, Jeanne (Roller) Gehrt, and Nancy (Schmidt) Fletcher. Sandy (Hughes) Holtkamp is in the background.
On the right, Lynn (Waterbury) Hardy and Nancy (Carter) Johnston catch up on the latest.
Lynn (Waterberry) Hardy
Don Benjamin Don Benjamin sports quite a hat.
Can you pick out Steve McKelvey, Linda (Walker) Jones, David "Head" Myers, Steve Jones, Judy (Mabry) Fark, and Linda (Warnock) Steele?
'Head' Myers
Don Beaty Don Beaty adjusts the grill.

The crowd gathers as the smell of good food fills the air.
Crowd gathers
Nancy (Carter) Johnston, Judy (Riley) Henry The Fun continues. Sandy (Hughes) Holtkamp
Linda (Warnock) Steele Right: Now this is a happy Group! Jean,Sara,Gail,Linda and Steve

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