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Missing Classmates

Please look over the following list of missing classmates from the Centralia High School Class of 68.  If you know any information that could help us find these classmates, please contact us as soon as possible.

Missing Classmates

Ronald Anderson   Helen Holzhauer   Peggy McCullough
Diane Barton   Linda Hutchison   Marilyn Melton
Jim Berger   Rayland Jones   Roseanne Miller
Sandy Border    Jerry Lacy    Carolyn O'Dell
Mike Carter   Charlene Lee   Richard Pickett
Marsha Clawson   Sharon Lowery   Danny Ray
Carla Daniels   Dexter Marshall   Betty Sanders
Karen Davidson   James H Marshall   Raymond Simer
Cheryl Dimery   Leslie Martin   Virgil Slagley
Sheila Edwards   Betty Mathis   Susan Starr
Fred Ellis   Marilyn Mays   Kim Street
Jeff Ellison   Monte Mays   Gary White
Larry Flanagan   Bob Mays   Gary Yarbrough
David J. Hill       Larry Yarbrough

This list recently updated (12/12/2017). Please help us find these classmates!